Larry Hankin - Actor/Director/Screenwriter

EDITOR: Patrick Francis

About this video:

"Laverne's blind date, dancing with Penny Marshall, Garry Marshall"


FILM: The Independent,   Billy Madison,   It's Pat, The Shadow,   Home Alone,   Pretty Woman,   She's Having a Baby,   Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Amazon Women on the Moon, Running Scared,   The Sure Thing,   The Sting II,   Annie,   The Jerk, Escape from Alcatraz,   Solly's Diner

TV: "My Name is Earl",   "Sarah Silverman Comedy Central Pilot",  "Wanted",   "Joan of Arcadia", "Monk", "Malcolm in the Middle",   "ER",   "Martial Law", "Party of Five", "The Tony Danza Show",   "Weird Science",   "Friends",   "Home Improvement", "Ellen", "Star Trek: Voyager",   "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman",   "Married with Children", "Mad About You",  "Seinfeld",   "ALF",   "Newhart", "Hill Street Blues",   "Family Ties",   "Hart to Hart", "Eight Is Enough",   "Barney Miller",   "WKRP in Cincinnati",   "Laverne & Shirley"

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Friends - Promo

Seinfeld - Funny Moments Promo

Pretty Woman - Trailer

Home Alone - Trailer

The Sure Thing - Trailer

Annie - Trailer

Escape From Alcatraz - Promo


My Name is Earl - Opening

Sing-along with "Annie"

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Solly's Diner