What is your approach to making so many bold acting choices?

What did you learn from working with David Lynch on Wild at Heart?

What was it like working with
Oliver Stone on The Doors?

Do you remain in character between takes?

What reflections do you have on your notorious appearance on
Late Night with David Letterman?

What is the philosophy behind your debut directorial feature, What Is It?

Tell us about your second directorial feature,
It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine.

What is the aesthetic of discomfort?

Of the films you've appeared in, which are your favorites?

How have audiences responded to
What Is It?

Why did you cast actors with Down Syndrome in a movie that isn't about Down Syndrome?

When did you discover your creative voice?

What was your experience like shooting Back to the Future?

What was the nature of your lawsuit against the producers of
Back to the Future?

What was your auditioning experience on Back to the Future?

In River's Edge, how did you play it big without going over the top?

When choosing a role, is the character's psychology the first thing you identify with?

What was your childhood like?

Has your cult status helped you tour the country with What Is It?

How did you become friendly with legendary director, Werner Herzog?

What do you admire about
Stanley Kubrick?

When did you decide to try your hand at directing?

How did you deal with the impending death of your friend and collaborator Steven C. Stewart?

What was it like directing your father in It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine?

How do you deal with fame?

What the biggest misconception about you?

What are your memories of working on At Close Range?

Regarding the characters you play, what's the difference between achetype and stereotype?

What is your process like when creating characters?

Are your first takes the best, or does it take you awhile to hit your stride?

« How much do you like to rehearse?

What attracted you to
Herman Melville's Bartleby?

What did you contribute to your character, The Thin Man, in the Charlie's Angels films?

What was the most emotionally difficult thing about making Willard?

Tell us about your books.


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How much do you like to rehearse?


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