Carl Gottlieb - Screenwriter/Director/Actor

EDITOR:Allen White

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"Smother's Brothers, summer of 1969, CBS, Steve Martin, Glen Campbell, Rob Reiner, Allen Bly, Lorenzo Music, Murray Roman, Mason Williams, Sy Howard, 'My Friend Erma', 'Laugh In', The Committee, variety comedy television writing, 'Your Show of Shows', writing room, Emmy, 'Bob Newhart Show'"


FILM (screenwriter): Jaws,   Jaws 2,   Jaws 3,   The Jerk,   The Jerk Too,   Doctor Detroit,   Which Way is Up?,   Caveman

FILM: (director): Amazon Women on the Moon,   The Absent Minded Waiter,   Caveman

FILM (actor): Clueless,   Into the Night,   Johnny Dangerously,   The Sting II,   The Jerk,   Cannonball!, Jaws,   The Long Goodbye,   Up the Sandbox,   MASH

TV (screenwriter): "The Odd Couple",   "The Smothers Brothers Show",   "The Bob Newhart Show",   "George Burns Comedy Week",   "Morton & Hayes"

TV (director): "Partners in Life",   "Delta House", "Laverne & Shirley",   Honey I Shrunk the Kids,   Campus Cops,   100 Deeds of Eddie McDowd

TV (actor): "Mork & Mindy",   "Laverne & Shirley", "Chico and the Man",   "Baretta",   "The Bob Newhart Show",   "I Spy"

AUTHOR: "The Jaws Log",   "Long Time Gone, the Autobiography of David Crosby" (co-author),   "Since Then, How I Survived Everything and Lived to Tell About It" (co-author)

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