Carl Gottlieb - Screenwriter/Director/Actor

EDITOR:Allen White

About this video:

"Journalist, The Independent Film Journal, Associate Editor, James Cagney, Robert Mongomery, Cry Happy, Charlie Powell, Universal Pictures"


FILM (screenwriter): Jaws,   Jaws 2,   Jaws 3,   The Jerk,   The Jerk Too,   Doctor Detroit,   Which Way is Up?,   Caveman

FILM: (director): Amazon Women on the Moon,   The Absent Minded Waiter,   Caveman

FILM (actor): Clueless,   Into the Night,   Johnny Dangerously,   The Sting II,   The Jerk,   Cannonball!, Jaws,   The Long Goodbye,   Up the Sandbox,   MASH

TV (screenwriter): "The Odd Couple",   "The Smothers Brothers Show",   "The Bob Newhart Show",   "George Burns Comedy Week",   "Morton & Hayes"

TV (director): "Partners in Life",   "Delta House", "Laverne & Shirley",   Honey I Shrunk the Kids,   Campus Cops,   100 Deeds of Eddie McDowd

TV (actor): "Mork & Mindy",   "Laverne & Shirley", "Chico and the Man",   "Baretta",   "The Bob Newhart Show",   "I Spy"

AUTHOR: "The Jaws Log",   "Long Time Gone, the Autobiography of David Crosby" (co-author),   "Since Then, How I Survived Everything and Lived to Tell About It" (co-author)

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