Armin Shimerman - Actor

Patrick Francis

Peter Hyoguchi


FILM: Stardust Memories,   The Hitcher (1984), Stoogemania,   Death Warrant,   Slaughter of the Innocents,   Eye for an Eye,   Snide and Prejudice, The Auteur Theory,   What the #$*! Do We Know!?

TV: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer",   "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine",   "Star Trek: Voyager",   "Star Trek: The Next Generation",   "Charmed",   "Stargate SG-1", "Sliders",   "Alien Nation",   "The West Wing", "Boston Legal",   "Numb3rs",   "Joan of Arcadia", "Justice League",   "Nip/Tuck",   "Crossing Jordan", "Boston Public",   "The Tick",   "Tremors",   "For the People",   "The Agency",   "The Guardian",   "Thieves", "Judging Amy",   "The Auteur Theory",   "Martial Law", "The Practice",   "The Lost World",   "Ally McBeal", "The Lazarus Man",   "Seinfeld",   "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno",   "L.A. Law",   "Brooklyn Bridge", "Married with Children",   "Cop Rock",   "Who's the Boss?",   "Beauty and the Beast",   "Hooperman", "What's Happening Now!",   "You Again?",   "The Facts of Life",   "Alice",   "Remington Steele",   "Cagney & Lacey",   "The Four Seasons"

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