Patrick Francis

PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / EDITOR - Interviewing Hollywood

Patrick Francis has recently completed a feature documentary on maverick, genre-film director, Andre deToth. Entitled, Andre deToth: The Director's Director, the picture probes the connection between deToth's wild life (his escape from Nazi occupied Poland, the devastating collapse of his marriage to Veronica Lake, his resilience after surviving 3 broken necks) and his extraordinary cinema (A-pictures, B-pictures, noirs, westerns, war films, and the 3-D classic, House of Wax) A collaborative effort, shot over the last years of deToth's life, the film ultimately proves to be an insiders document about a man who truly lived life on his own terms. Additionally, directors: Quentin Tarantino, Nicolas Roeg, Richard Donner, and Bertrand Tavernier pay tribute to this largely underappreciated artist.

Patrick Francis has also written several screenplays for hire (which hopefully will never be produced.) He's written film related journalism for such publications as L.A. Weekly, MovieMaker Magazine, among others.

It should be noted that Mr. Francis is obsessed with the cinema of Werner Herzog, is an L.A. native, and is the proud owner of a virgin barrel of single malt scotch whiskey.